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Forever Family: The significance of 'Blue Sunday'

It's a day of prayer that focuses on abused or neglected children, recognized on the last Sunday in April.

SAN ANTONIO — We’ve talked many times about the month of  April being Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Every year, the last day Sunday of the month, April 26th this year, is designated as Blue Sunday. That day is an opportunity for the faith community to come together through the power of prayer, to use prayer to impact the children and families in the CPS Foster Care system.

"There is never a bad day to pray for people that are hurting, and I think we are learning that right now," said CPS Faith Based Specialist Hope Shelton. "We’re seeing so much devastation and heartache, and its just been very difficult, so for kids who are in the foster system, and for families that are involved in the child welfare system it is compounded.

"Blue Sunday is a perfect opportunity to pray for the children in foster care, and the families who are involved in the system," she said. CPS is hoping everyone can participate from small groups to full churches via virtual worship next weekend.

Any religious organizations can sign up at www.bluesunday.org. Hope added all faith partners from previous years are participating this year despite the group restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.

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