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Helotes mom embraces faith overcoming loss of her husband | Forever Family

"We've found this newfound passion... just this great passion for being able to help kids, and love them while they need us," Shannon Hinds said.

SAN ANTONIO — We recently had the opportunity to meet Shannon Hinds, a Helotes mother of two sons – one biological and one adopted. Shannon has definitely been through the full circle of emotions in her still young life.

Her husband, David, lost his 10-year battle against bone cancer in the spring of 2018. But the couple did have some cherished time together with their sons, Luke and Noah, before his death. And Shannon has since leaned on her deep faith, as she always has, to help move her family forward.

That life direction now includes opening her home to foster children. I was amazed at her faith, her strength and just the ability to feel, today, as blessed as ever despite what has transpired in her life. She shared her thoughts with Forever Family about how things are these days.

"We're good, we're good. We've adjusted to life without my late husband, and we've found this newfound passion – well not newfound – it's been there all this time, but just this great passion for being able to help kids, and love them while they need us," she said.

Credit: Shannon Hinds

"It is just an incredible way to serve God and my faith. It is a burden that I feel has been placed on my heart since I was young. Being a parent is about selflessness, and loving these kids is really about meeting their needs, and being whoever they need to be. Foster care is really about putting a sign on your door that says, 'Send me, and let me help you. Let me be part of your community and village to help take care of these kids,'" she continued.

Credit: Shannon Hinds

"God has placed this burden on my heart, and there are just so many wonderful things you can do with that. We really don't know how long people are gonna be placed in our life. Whether it's a beautiful 12-year relationship I had with my husband, or whether it is a few months with a foster child that has been placed in our home, loss is inevitable with all of us, and I feel like it is our job and our calling to be good stewards of the gifts that we've been given in people," she said.

Credit: Shannon Hinds

"I feel like losing their dad has given my boys a sensitivity to that, and that God calls us to love for however long that is given to us," Shannon said.

I asked if she feels like her home is as blessed as ever these days?

"Oh yes!" she said smiling. "It is so full of life and joy. You know I wouldn't tell anyone that is going into foster care that it is going to easy by any means. There is definitely sacrifice, but always so much joy, and so much beauty, and my home feels so warm and full of life right now. I'm very blessed."

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