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The people who work behind the scenes to provide south Texas foster children with better futures

"I want to be that voice for the children, and I want to advocate for them."

SAN ANTONIO — There are many amazing people working heroic hours within the foster and adoption systems in Texas, and many of them are social workers and caseworkers. 

The hours can be tireless and the job thankless more often than not, and these folks never get the public credit they fully deserve. But they'll also be the first to tell you that's not why they do what they do. 

"I think that if we did it for the credit, it would be selfish, and not so much for the social work," said Mayra Morales Sosa, an adoption prep caseworker. "I don’t think any of my coworkers do it for the credit, but it is nice to hear, 'Thank you’ from time to time."

"I would say it is definitely the most rewarding job I’ve ever had," Child Protective Investigator Yasmine Ferdin added. "You go home knowing you made just a little bit of difference in somebody’s life. Sometimes the cases are pretty tough, but (then) you're home and you’re able to sleep because there are just a couple of more kiddos in a safe place, and you know that you did that." 

Legal CPS Caseworker Paula Betancourt, meanwhile, said her duties are rewarded in the best of times. 

"(When) the kids are safe, the kids are home and they get to be kids. They get to focus on being kids," she said. 

"I want to be that voice for the children, and I want to advocate for them. I want to make sure their rights are being protected, and that their needs are being met," Sosa added. 

National Adoption Month is in November.


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