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Meet 10-year-old foster child, Daniel

This young boy is full of life, loves being a kid and would love it even more if he joined a family.

SAN ANTONIO — This week we had the opportunity this week to meet 10-year-old Daniel, a little boy who is full of life and ready to be loved. He would do great in a two-parent household, where he's be able to relate to a strong father figure.

Daniel is doing well in school, and understands the importance about doing the right things in life. He just needs that Forever Home to help him reach his full potential.

He loves being a kid, and it was real joy to see him just being a kid. He loves all those fun foods like burgers and pizza, of course – but Daniel also told me he loves to eat carrots, too! 

I had the chance to ask Daniel what it might be like to someday have his own parents, such as a mom and dad, and his response was perfect: "Great!"

He says he would tell any prospective mom and dad that he is doing great at school, and great at home, too. He shared a funny story with me about a special memory. To help celebrate his recent birthday, some of his friends pushed his head into his birthday cake when he attempted to blow out the candles! He said the vanilla frosting still tasted just as good!

Please take some time and listen to my conversation with Daniel at Concepcion Park. If you'd like to eventually learn more about Daniel, please contact Family Tapestry through their website or go to the Texas Adoption Portal's website.