A Castle Hills family is getting the No. 1 gift on their Christmas list this year: Having their son, who suffers from hearing loss, perform on the stage for his school play.

Dozens of deaf students from the Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children rehearsed for their holiday play Thursday morning at Trinity University. Reese Vines was one of those students. His family calls his role in the play a miracle.

"I still remember a day he came home and he was crying and said, 'Mom, it's just so hard for me to hear,'" said Cindy Vines, Reese's mother.

When Reese was 3 years old, doctors found that he had severe hearing loss. He was told he'd never hear or speak. At age 6, it almost seemed they'd be right.

"He was speaking two to three words sentences," Cindy recalled. "He sounded like a 3-year-old."

That was until his parents got him cochlear implants that opened up his ears and his life to new opportunities others never thought he'd have, like performing 18 lines as the starring role in this year's Christmas play.

"His speech cleared up significantly and he started just really excelling in academics and everything," Cindy said. "To see him starring in this play and doing so well, it is a miracle. It is a blessing."