If you're looking to pack your bags and find a new home, a recent survey reveals which cities average the lowest and highest cost of living.

According to move.org, the monthly average living cost is as follows:

Most Affordable:

  1. El Paso, Texas at $1,182
  2. Lincoln, Nebraska at $1,291
  3. Toledo, Ohio at $1,322
  4. Wichita, Kansas at $1,433
  5. Lousiville, Kentucky at $1,441

Least Affordable:

  1. San Francisco, California at $4,210
  2. New York, New York at $3,956
  3. San Jose, California at $3,289
  4. Oakland, California at $3,212
  5. Boston, Massachusetts at $3,211

The averages are based off rent, utilities, internet, gas and food. You can visit move's website for the full list. 

Move.org average monthly cost of living

Grab your things and get a "move" on if you're looking to change your lifestyle!