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Bathroom Germs: Bath mat is biggest culprit

SAN ANTONIO – It's no secret bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs. 

SAN ANTONIO – It’s no secret bathrooms are breeding grounds for germs.

However, the biggest culprit is not your toilet, it’s the bath mat.

Doctors with the Cleveland Clinic said because the mats are on the floor and close to the toilet, they tend to stay damp, which can allow all sorts of things to grow and fester.

Towels on a hook are also a breeding ground for germs because they tend to remain damp and develop mold.

When it comes to your toothbrush, make sure it is stored away from other items to avoid cross-contamination. Keep it upright so it dies properly and keep it far away from the toilet.

“It’s quite important,” Dr. Dan Allan of the Cleveland Clinic said. “When you flush the toilet, there’s very fine droplets that are released into the air of not only bacteria but any other matter that’s in the toilet. That can travel up to six feet.”

Inside the showers, doctors said loofas can be bacteria-breeders. They can trap bacteria from the skin such as strep and staph. Health experts recommend replacing them every month.

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