SAN ANTONIO — A soldier who served his country for more than two decades - and survived eight explosions - opens a new chapter of his life.

After five months of patiently waiting, the Sierra family received the keys to their new home.

Sergeant Jose Sierra is an army soldier who fought for his country 21 years, served in Iraq, and survived eight improvised explosives.

"I had a lot of internal injuries from my neck, losing all my cushions between my spinal cord,” Sgt. Sierra says.

“I'm bone on bone right now, my neck was just obliterated. I came out with traumatic brain injury and PTSD."

Sierra’s sacrifice didn't go unnoticed by Operation Finally Home, who gifted the Sierra family the home mortgage-free, fully furnished, and with a fully stocked kitchen.

Lee Kirgan, the Vice President or Project Management for Operation Finally Home, says, “There is no better person for us to be giving back to than for someone who has fought on the battlefield, bled on the battlefield to protect our right."

“This is it, this is our new beginning, this is a new chapter of our lives. I said wow we are actually here," Sgt. Sierra says.

The four-bedroom home is even equipped with wheelchair accessibility.

Sgt. Sierra expressed his gratitude to the community he served for more than two decades. “I mean for us veterans it was an honor for us to serve, and then for them to serve us is just overwhelming of words you cannot even explain.”