SAN ANTONIO — Three cats in the care of the San Antonio Humane Society were having trouble finding forever homes because of their unusual medical condition.

SAHS said George, Milton, and Mr. Wobbles have all been diagnosed with Cerebellar Hypoplasia (CH) or “Wobbly Cat Syndrome.”

 CH is caused by an underdeveloped cerebellum and affects a cat’s fine motor skills, balance, and coordination. This means affected cats will walk with jerky or “wobbly” steps, but the condition does not affect their lifespan.

8-month-old brothers George and Milton were adopted from the San Antonio Humane Society on Friday. A third cat, 1-year-old Mr. Wobbles, will be available for adoption pending a dental cleaning.

Many cats with CH are often euthanized despite their capability to live full and happy lives. SAHS said many cats with the condition learn to compensate for their lack of coordination. CH cats are not in pain and can live normally with a few accommodations. The condition does not get better or worse as the cats get older.

The SAHS recommends that adopters looking to give these cats a home either live in a one-story home or, if the house is two-story, a home with safety gates to prevent the cats from slipping downstairs. Cats with CH must be indoor cats only.

If you’re interested in adopting these special felines, visit the San Antonio Humane Society’s website. Their adoption fees have been sponsored by Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue.