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'This is something that isn’t acceptable' | City Animal Care Service says people who send threatening messages aren't helping save pets lives

Officials asked passionate pet lovers who want to help to adopt or foster, but said the hate directed at volunteers has to stop.

SAN ANTONIO — San Antonio shelters say they’ve had enough.

“This is something that isn’t acceptable. The cussing and the threats. The physical threats, the death threats, they don’t save pets lives,” City of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services public relations and outreach manager Lisa Norwood said.

San Antonio Pets Alive posted to Facebook Monday evening after they say workers have been getting threatening messages from people after rumors started circulating, they’ve been euthanizing their animals.

They say they’ve been mistaken for the city’s animal care services.

“While it’s unfortunate that San Antonio Pets Alive have had to deal with that sort of negativity it’s something that shelters deal with daily,” Norwood said.

Norwood says they continually seek out fosters, adopters, and non-profits to help save these animals but if the resources aren’t available and the shelter gets full, their options are limited.

“We are the entity in San Antonio that unfortunately has that sad task. We do euthanize animals, but what we always aim to do is to make that the last resort,” Norwood said.

Norwood says right now their shelter is full.

“This is kind of a whirlwind of crisis that keeps getting bigger every single day,” Norwood said.

She says those passionate pet lovers who want to help can either continues to adopt or foster, or advocate for it. Norwood says it’s going to take the community to help make things better, but she says the hate speech has to stop.

“Come out and see what we have to offer. Understand that shelter dogs are not broken, and neither are shelter staff,” Norwood said.

Anyone looking to adopt of foster can find more information by clicking here.