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God's Dogs Rescue looking for fosters to step up during this weekend's cold snap

The rescue uses outdoor kennels, and they need as many foster caretakers as possible to help give these pups a warm, comfortable home.

SAN ANTONIO — As frigid temperatures continue rolling through the region, furry friends need your help.

Animals with nowhere else to go take shelter at God's Dogs Rescue, where CEO Julianne Marchbanks gives them a second chance.

"Our goal is to fix them up, find them forever homes," Marchbanks said. "And we adopt them out all over the country."

She started the organization when she moved to San Antonio 26 years ago. She's saved thousands of dogs since.

"I saw the suffering of the animals in the streets and I just couldn't stand by," Marchbanks said. 

She currently has more than 100 dogs, many of them in outside kennels scattered across her five-acre property. 

With temperatures expected to drop drastically over the weekend, this dedicated helper could really use a hand.

"This weather is really challenging," Marchbanks said.

She's looking for caring people to get these dogs out of the cold and into a safe, warm space for the next few days.

"Come pick up a puppy or an adult dog and love on them for a little while," Marchbanks said. "We're calling it 'Operation Cold Front.'" 

Marchbanks said fosters are given all the supplies they need in exchange for putting a roof over a rescue.

"Just through the cold snap," Marchbanks said. "Take them home and take care of them for three to five days."

While she said she hopes the pairing leads to love at first sight, she said there's no pressure to make the bond last forever.

"Fostering is almost like babysitting," Marchbanks said. "Take them in, show them the ropes, show them some good times and show them what it's like to live with a family."

If not enough fosters step up, Marchbanks said they'll make do with the limited indoor space they have on the property. She said volunteers will also try to take in more pets than they have already to give them a more comfortable space to ride out the winter weather. 

If you're interested in helping God's Dogs Rescue, click here. You also check out the organization's Facebook page for more information.

The rescue is located at 12750 Trawalter Lane, Von Ormy, TX 78073.