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Former Denver Bronco kills mountain lion 'wreaking havoc' in Colorado neighborhood

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said it was all legal.

DENVER — A former Denver Broncos player is sharing quite the hunting story on the radio this week. Derek Wolfe also shared a photo on Instagram of the huge mountain lion he said he killed on Tuesday.

Derek Wolfe spent 16 minutes talking about it on "The Drive" with his cohost Darren "DMac" McKee on 104.3 The Fan. Wolfe said he loves hunting deer and elk but recently got his license for mountain lion hunting.

"I love hunting deer and elk and mountain lions kill deer and elk, and mature male mountain lions kill the cubs of female mountain lions to get them to go back into heat," said Wolfe on his podcast this week. "I feel like I am doing my part by taking care of some of these Toms. It is not easy."

He and a buddy took advantage of the recent snow this week so they could find animal tracks more easily.

On the podcast, Wolfe said they hunted the mountain lion near Grant, Colorado off 285 which is near the south end of Guanella Pass. He said the cat was in a tree, and he used a bow and arrow to kill it.

Wolfe called the trip "predator control" on Instagram, and he said the animal had been wreaking havoc in a nearby neighborhood.

"He was hiding under this lady's porch down the road. She told us, 'Please get rid of him. He killed my dog last year,'" Wolfe shared on "The Drive".

Wolfe said he had to crawl back down down the mountain with the dead mountain lion to get him to the truck.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) said this was all legal. Wolfe is a licensed hunter in good standing with CPW and he followed the reporting requirements.

Mountain lion hunters have to pass a certification course, which is an extra requirement for this animal.

Hunters may harvest one lion from April 1–30, 2022 OR one lion during the fall season, Nov. 28, 2022–March 31, 2023, depending on the valid season dates for the unit you are hunting.


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