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Dog shot in head with arrow miraculously survives; Medina County Sheriff's Office investigating

Stacee Gomez found her father's dog Boomer with an arrow straight through his head on Sunday afternoon.

DEVINE, Texas — The Medina County Sheriff's Office is investigating an animal cruelty case in Devine after a dog was shot in the head with an arrow on Sunday afternoon.

Stacee Gomez remembers seeing her father's dog Boomer, who Gomez and her siblings gifted him two years ago, outside in the yard beforehand. Shortly after, she heard her parent's other dog Lola barking frantically, so she looked out the window.

Gomez found Boomer on the porch with an arrow straight through his head. Miraculously, she said the dog was alive standing on its own feet, and alert.

"I panicked and screamed. Then my dad just kind of came running and I just told him, 'Dad he has an arrow in his head!'," said Gomez.

The family called the sheriff's office to report what happened. Then they drove Boomer to the animal hospital for help.

"The vet said he was very lucky because it went straight through his head," she said.

Veterinarians told the family the arrow ricocheted off his skull and pierced straight through to the other side. X-rays were even taken but it was determined the arrow fractured Boomer's orbital bone, nasal cavity and avoided his skull altogether. 

"Had it pierced his skull it probably would have killed him instantly," said Gomez.

The arrow was removed by Sunday night but his recovery will be long. Boomer will have to wear a cone around his head for a couple of months. Gomez said the damage inside his nose will force him to retire from hunting and make him more likely to develop sinus infections.

"He's not going to be able to smell the same way he previously could," she said.

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As for who shot Boomer, Gomez has her suspicions but will let the investigators determine that. She does believe Boomer was shot at on her property and at close range. 

The Medina County Sheriff confirmed his office was investigating and said, 'it was definitely intentional'. It's unclear as of now who shot him and why.

They will also collect the arrow from the Gomez's to review it for a serial number and fingerprints. He's confident they'll be able to track the suspect down even without doorbell video. He said the shooter will get the maximum punishment when found.

Other than her father's dog being shot, Gomez's also fears the suspect may do it again to a human.

"That's our biggest concern. This time it was a dog, next time it could be anyone."

The family is now raising money for his medical bills. 

In a Go Fund Me online, Gomez writes, "My dad’s [Ben Gomez] baby Boomer was viciously shot with a crossbow arrow. He was a Christmas gift from all of his kids."

Gomez said the fundraiser is to help ease bills that will be around $3,000.

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