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'Deplorable': Animal Care Services responds to cat hoarding report on the west side

Agents from the organization went out to the 2600 block of West Salinas around 11:30 a.m. and found almost 60 cats.

SAN ANTONIO — More than 60 animals found in horrible conditions Tuesday afternoon at a westside home.

"The smell that's in there, as well as the conditions, inside the house are deplorable," said Bethany Snowden, Field Supervisor over Investigations with San Antonio Animal Care Services.

The Animal Cruelty division of ACS alerted the city's Dangerous Response Assessment Team (DART) to the home off the 3200 block of West Salinas.

Snowden said they had a warrant to search the property and discovered over 30 cats in cages in a shed outside, and another 30 cats roaming inside the house.  Two dogs were also found on the property.

The City of San Antonio's Assistant City Attorney, Eric Burns, said the conditions of the house show signs of a hoarding situation, but they cannot confirm at this time.

"I have seen inside, and it looks like you see characteristics of a hoarding situation. I don't want to say that for sure, because I'm not too sure," said  "But we've been doing this enough times that, it's what it looks like."

Burns said DART sends inspectors to properties with a history of being a nuisance in neighborhoods across the city.

Burns said DART inspectors are assessing the home and working with the owner to address the living conditions.  He said the team will help clear the home in the coming days.

"I can tell you there are dangers with high levels of ammonia from the cat urine. There is feces throughout the property," said Burns. "One of the main things is to protect the life, health and safety of not only the neighborhood, but the persons living at the house, so that is what we're trying to address."

ACS removed the animals and said they will be assessed by a veterinary team and address any immediate medical needs.

The homeowner hasn't been charged at this time, according to ACS, but could be facing Failure to Provide charges due to the "cruel confinement" of the animals, and the "unsanitary living conditions."

Snowden said that court proceedings will follow the investigation once completed to determine who should take custody of the animals.

Until then, the animals are still under control of the homeowner, according to Snowden.

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