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Why KENS 5's Vinnie Vinzetta makes helping foster children a priority

It’s important for Vinnie Vinzetta to give back to children looking for a permanent home. Adoption Priorities gives him a platform to do just that.

SAN ANTONIO — You know him as KENS 5 sports anchor and reporter Vinnie Vinzetta. But, he’s also the board president of Adoption Priorities. It’s a faith-based organization that supports the foster and adoption community in San Antonio, Bexar County and surrounding counties. 

It’s a cause held near and dear to Vinzetta’s heart. His passion is personal.  

“A family took a chance on me,” Vinzetta said.  “My birth mother gave me the opportunity to live in life and I'm forever appreciative and in debt for that. I've always tried to do good with it.” 

It’s important for Vinzetta to give back to children looking for a permanent home. Adoption Priorities gives him a platform to do just that. 

“We’ll do things like have a summer school supply drive where we'll buy a number of items and support different ISDs around the community,” Vinzetta said. 

They also collect toys ahead of the holidays. Vinzetta said their fifth annual Adoption Priorities Toy Drive will happen in a couple of days. 

“I think 25 high schools are aboard this year for the toy drive, so the amount of good we're going to do in San Antonio is just miraculous,” Vinzetta said. “And the idea of making foster children smile just a little bit more on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day -- that's absolutely priceless.” 

But it does come at a cost to Adoption Priorities. The organization relies on the generosity of others to make things like this happen. During this National Adoption Month, KENS 5’s parent company, TEGNA, is donating money to support multiple organizations. Adoption Priorities is one of them. 

“I'm just so appreciative that KENS included us in their TEGNA Giving, and we'll obviously do lots of good with it, and we'll continue to do the good that we do,” Vinzetta said. 

It’s another push in the right direction for Vinzetta who says he’s on a lifelong journey to give every child what they deserve. 

“I know how blessed I am to have been placed immediately into a loving adoptive home,” Vinzetta said. “And again, not every child gets that or has that, and that's the mission to give every child that exact thing.”  

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