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Warriors helping warriors: Rehabilitation facility opens in Bandera

BANDERA, Texas – Hidden in the Hill Country sits a rehabilitation center dedicated to helping some of America's finest.

BANDERA, Texas – Hidden in the Hill Country sits a rehabilitation center dedicated to helping some of America’s finest.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, Warriors Heart celebrated their Grand Opening.

Warriors Heart is the first and only private warriors’ only rehabilitation center in the United States. It sits on a 543-acre ranch located in Bandera, Texas, just north of San Antonio.

Its three founders, Josh Lannon, Lisa Lannon and Tom Spooner, have decades of experience with addiction, military service, and law enforcement. Their mission is to help and treat first responders, veterans, military and law enforcement officers with addiction and PTSD.

“It’s spiritually driven,” said CEO and co-founder Josh Lannon. “The property here is amazing, the staff that has been attracted to serve on this mission is amazing. They’re homegrown here in Texas.”

On average, 20 veterans commit suicide per day. Warriors Heart is proud to be part of the solution partnering with Mission 22 whose mission is to raise awareness, enlist support, and end veteran suicide in America.

On Warrior Heart’s land sits the War at Home Memorial. This memorial is thanks to Mission 22 and reminds those who see it of the sacrifice, honor those we’ve lost, and help tie civilian to soldier.

“Having the monument here at Warriors Heart is amazing,” said Warriors Heart and Mission 22 co-founder Tom Spooner. “We all put in so much time, effort, and emotion into bringing it all together and for it to be physically brought together here, it’s just a win all around,”

Each steel plate was created in the likeness of a real American veteran who lost their battle with PTSD. Details about their lives and service are described in an inscription located at the base of each plate.

“It really talks to the heart of what we do here,” said Lannon. “Battling addiction, battling PTSD is a very dark place and to be able to share just how real it is and how it affects an entire family is huge.”

The silhouettes will stay on the grounds until it moves to a new location to impact the community there.

Warriors Hearts is founded by warriors for warriors and they fully believe in ‘Strength through Healing.’

For more information on Warriors Heart, you can visit their website at http://www.warriorsheart.com/.

For more information on Mission 22 and the Mission 22 Mobile Monument, you can visit their website at http://www.mission22.com/.

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