TOPEKA, KS -- An officer with the Topeka Police Department was patrolling an area after reports of an altercation took place.

Officer Aaron Bulmer was looking for anyone who may have been involved in the incident but while he was looking, he saw a small child walking towards a pond.

The child appeared to be four years old and he was inside the Central Park Community Center. Officer Bulmer got out of his cruiser to speak with him when the child fell into the pond.

Officer Bulmer jumped in after him and was able to pull the child to safety. Video from his body camera captured the entire incident.

Medical services were called to the scene and the child was transported to a local hospital to be evaluated.

The parent was already out searching for him and was located and reunited with the child. It was also later discovered that the child had Autism.

Officer Bulmer was commended for his fast reaction and his dedication to protect and serve his community.