SAN ANTONIO - A growing group that enjoys dressing up in animal costumes are hoping to bring more than just smiles to San Antonio.

The San Antonio Furry community often gets together for "fur meets" that involve fun actives like barbecues, bowling, and laser tag.

KENS 5 was invited to an event at a park where several furries shared more about their community.

Furries are people who enjoy anthropomorphic animals, that's animals that have human characteristics like Bugs Bunny.

"It was just something I researched and looked into and I was really into talking animals. I remember the movie cats and dogs, as well as the secret of Nimh when I was a kid. I was really into the animation. Just kind of researching it, I came across it in an artistic community known as the furry community," said Adam King.

"Furries are just another flavor of nerd," described Eduardo Soliz.

They said each furry has their own fursona, an animal that's a representation of themselves or who they want to be. Furries can be a single animal or a fictional, hybrid of animals.

"I did a spirit guided animal meditation and I was visited by a husky timber wolf. I came up with the name Zitrus because I'm a drummer. And one of my favorite drummers is a world-renowned drummer named Zitrus Gouter," said King.

Soliz, who wears bear ears to represent his fursona, said the public hasn't always been kind to his community.

"The reactions weren't always good. There were a lot of ooh, furries. Gross. Y’all are weirdos. These days it's gotten a lot better. Just this past weekend, I went with some friends down to the River Walk, with three fur suitors and the reactions were omg, furries! You people are awesome. We love your costumes," said Soliz.

The furry community is hoping to bring more furries together for a convention in October. The money would go to benefit Pay It Forward Ministries and the Spay Neuter-Assistance Program.

"The Alamo City Furry Invasion, which is an LLC which was established last year, A plus King service entertainment, we’re trying to have a convention here which, is San Antonio’s first furry convention," said King.

For more information on the convention, you can visit