Tucked away on San Antonio's Northside is the city's first ever luxury garage condo community.

Texas Garage Condos offers car lovers a space like no other.

Businessman and car enthusiast Tim Eurton was one of the first to buy a garage condo in San Antonio. “I’ve always have been into cars, I like to get them, and race them for a while,” Eurton said.

Eurton said he bought the condo to free up space in his own home garage. “I did this primarily to get it out of my wife's garage,” he said. “She's quite ready to get her garage back and not have it full of my tools, cars and guys.”

It's a growing trend already sweeping the nation in places like Florida and California. In Texas, Dallas and Houston have also jumped on board.

The units at Texas Garage Condos range in size from 500 square feet to 2,000. They start at $96,000.

Binkan Cinaroglu is with Texas Garage Condos. He said buyers can customize their garage to their liking, by building a loft, creating an office space or adding a TV viewing area.

“We've got a nice upholstery on the floor done by garage experts, a nice work area, a utility sink in the back, and a living room upstairs,” he said. “So, you can spend a lot of time here.”

For Eurton, there's an added bonus.

“I love the camaraderie amongst car guys,” he said. “Seeing a bunch of different cars I don't have... it's just a neat environment,” he said.

The Texas Garage Condos community is gated with access to your garage 24/7. There's also a clubhouse with restrooms, a lounge and a wet bar.

People here say it's the perfect home away from home for car lovers, their friends and their luxury toys.