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Teen's hobby becomes new online small business | Made in SA

Looking for a cleaner alternative teen creates Sodden Care lipbalms.

SAN ANTONIO — Firing up the stove is where you can find Quinton Gresham.

"I was in band and I had an instrument, I had a French horn, and my lips would get so dry in that class," Sodden Care, owner, Quinton Gresham said. "I just never seemed to find the right lip balm and all my friends had problems with Accutane and never finding the right stuff, so I just wanted to make my own." 

After lots of research and test runs he now only uses the cleanest ingredients to create his, Sodden Care lipbalms.

"There's a lot of products that have dangerous chemicals and bad microplastics and stuff, so I just really want to fix that industry and make some healthy natural products that people can enjoy safely," Gresham said. 

"We never run out of lip balm in this house." Quinton's Mom, Lacey Morales said. 

Quinton's mom, Lacey Morales, is amazed at her 16 year-old's drive.

"Quin has always been a kid who sets his mind on something and is relentless about pursuing it and following through with it," Morales said. "Which makes me extremely proud of him because he has his heart in everything that he does."

Quinton knows it's a rarity to see someone his age turn their hobby into a business.

"It's not very common to own a business right now but I was like that's what I want to do," Gresham said. "It's been a great process so far. I'm enjoying it."

"I think he is capable of anything that he sets his mind to and puts his heart in and I look forward to seeing how it takes off for him," Morales said.

And while Sodden Care has only been in business for a few months, Quinton has high hopes for his line of lipbalms.

"You just have to keep going until you make it there some day." Gresham said. 

Look for Sodden Care on their Etsy page and soon for purchase on their Instagram.

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