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Stitches X Jess creates cozy koozie for coffee lovers | Made in SA

A stay at home mom combines her love for coffee and crocheting to create a small business.

SAN ANTONIO — In this corner chair in her apartment is where you can find Jessica Saenz crocheting in her downtime. 

“It’s just really calming," Stitches X Jess, owner, Jessica Saenz said. "I could throw on a podcast, some music and just sit here and you kind of get lost in it."

Recently picking up the pastime, she first learned as a child, after her recent move from Brownsville to San Antonio. 

“Ever since I was a little girl my mom has been crocheting my whole life," Saenz said. “I always liked watching her and being there by her side, so I just picked it up through there."

Weaving it together with one of her other loves. 

“I am a big coffee lover," Saenz said. "Ever since I was little, I was probably six years-old and would stay up at night and drink coffee with my grandpa with a little sweet bread at night, so I’ve always loved coffee."

So creating her coffee koozies came naturally after seeing something similar online. 

“That’s the cool thing about crocheting is that you have the ability of making it your own," Saenz said. 

Whether you take your coffee hot or cold. 

“[They make] everything more convenient, more fun, more cozy I would say,” Saenz said. 

Stitches X Jess, has only been in business for four months, but Saenz is already branching out with her craft to also create headbands, key chains, coaster and other hair accessories. 

“It is really fun. Keeps you on your toes." Saenz said. “This has been something that has been able to ground me and keep me here. Keep me present and it’s been fun.”

This young entrepreneur has a message she hope sticks. 

“Do not be afraid. I got lucky and I was introduced into a beautiful community of coffee lovers … I have been blessed to be here and to meet the people I have met, and you never know what is going to happen to you," Saenz said. "Go out and try it, have fun with it and do what you love.”

If you are interested in getting a coffee koozie of your own be sure to check out Stitches X Jess' Instagram page, or catch her at Early Bird Coffee every second Sunday of the month. 



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