SAN ANTONIO — At the height of rush hour, at Highway 410 and Fredericksburg Road, drivers lay on their horns. 

Not because they were cut off, but because 15 feet above on the overpass a soldier stands at salute.

“It’s just another day to honor," Army veteran, Randolph Macias said. "Look at that isn’t that beautiful."

With old glory in hand, Army veteran Randolph Macias, braves the elements to remember those lost in the 9/11 attacks.

“It doesn’t matter pouring down rain or snowing, I want San Antonians to know that this is a special day. And I hope that they are seeing it right now,” Macias said. 

We haven’t seen rain, just as that day, we hadn’t seen that kind of pain come down on our country.

“I actually saw the second plane go in as I was turning on my TV," Macias said. “I thought oh my gosh,  this is real, this is really happening, real people are dying."

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Reflecting on the pain he said, "I shed a tear that day and I shed a tear every single year at this time."

Macias' tribute stopping some drivers in their tracks who also remember.

"It kind of shows a lot for him to do this. I remember when this happened I was little," Meghan Matera said. "But I remember it like it was yesterday and it was a very sad day."

“I am getting a lot of love out here and that really makes my day because they remember and they respect," Macias said. 

Each honk of the horn, a note, that Military City will never forget.

"I wish them all well, and I say God bless America,” Macias said.