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Tejano 95.7 brings this genre of music back to the FM airwaves

Tejano music makes its return to San Antonio radios, just as San Antonio drivers are returning to regular commutes.

SAN ANTONIO — San Antonians hopping into their cars can now dial into a familiar sound.

The radio waves have never sounded so nostalgic for fans of polkas, cumbias or conjunto beats thanks to the new Tejano 95.7.

In his radio booth, during the 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. commute, is where you can find longtime Tejano DJ Jonny Ramirez.

“I’m here so we can just keep the music going,” Ramirez said. “Tejano music it’s more than just a genre; it’s part of who we are. Whether you are first-, second-, third- (or) fourth-generation, we grew up with it. It is part of our culture, part of our tradition.”

The decision to bring back Tejano to the FM radio waves was that of Alpha Media. 

“Everyone has different ways of consuming audio nowadays, but it’s amazing that radio still works," said Greg Martin, Alpha Media operations director. "And the passion to be able to drive down the road and hear Tejano on a full signal in the market is very appealing to people."

Credit: KENS
DJ Jonny Ramirez’s voice is back on the radio in the Alamo City, doing his part to keep Tejano alive.

Its February return was simultaneous with when many folks were also returning to their regular commutes—striking a golden note with fans. 

“There had been a void in San Antonio for years since the other station signed off, and we just struck when it felt right," Martin said. "And it was right."

And there was no question that Ramirez would be the voice behind 95.7.

"It’s Tejano and its him, the phones blow up and people are excited," Martin said. 

“I think we do a small part," Ramirez added. "I think what keeps it alive is the people."

Ramirez, giving listeners the songs they grew up with. 

"That was kind of the key, give (them) the hits, the hits that make them remember the good ol' days. We call it comfort food,” Ramirez said. “Those are the moments we want to bring back to our listeners and hopefully keep them going with the new crop of listeners out there."

The music is tied into the culture of San Antonio, and now there's a new generation of listeners and artists keeping the tradition alive.  

“I think that’s the cool part about our music; you can listen to rock 'n roll all day, great country, jazz. But that’s all it is, is great music. It’s not tied into who we are," Ramirez said. “Again, it’s more than just a music genre. It’s part of our culture, and I think that keeps it going."

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