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Renee's Twisted Chocolates adds a little sweetness back into the world | Made in SA

A San Antonio man with an entrepreneurial mindset and a drive to never give up, creates a successful chocolate business dedicated to his late mother.

SAN ANTONIO — If you were to you find Sidney Hill in the kitchen he’ll most likely be moving and grooving.

“Whenever I’m tempering [they] call it my temper dance," said Sidney Hill, Renee's Twisted Chocolates owner. 

The sweet ingredient is taking him on a journey that started three years ago.

“I just couldn’t find any chocolates that matched what I looked for," Hill said. "I want something that’s going to take me on a journey, and wild ride, and something that’s unique.”

Sidney is now sharing that journey with his single original bars.  

“What we do is we just focus and emphasize on that one country to show you it’s uniqueness," Hill said. 

Lucky for Sidney, his entrepreneurial mindset was instilled in him at a young age.

“I’ve always wanted to own a company of my own. Do something ,leave a legacy and leave a mark," Hill said. 

But getting to where he is today wasn’t easy.

“I had a first company which was a clothing line as most people know clothing is very saturated so …it did fail, but everything I learned from that company I took it into this and expanded on it," Hill said. 

He found his way as a chocolatier thanks to YouTube and a Canadian mentor. 

In 2019, it was time for Sidney to establish his company, but it’s not his name that you’ll find on the wrapper.

“The name of the company is Renee-I named it after my mom. She passed whenever I was about to turn six, so I decided to name my first company after her since she was the first person I ever cooked for," Hill said. 

He turned his loss into drive.

“It makes me happy because I’m able to keep her memory alive," Hill said.

He also hopes to help others along the way.

“Don’t let anything stop you. At the end of the day we have the thing that is destined for us, Hill said. "So many people would just take that one punch to the jaw and be like I’m down, but no you’ve got to take as many punches and keep getting back up. Don’t stop be like Rocky," Hill said. 

If you would like more information about Renee's Twisted Chocolates be sure to visit their social media pages or website. 

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