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Kids celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week by schooling KENS 5

"Ms. Winston is so nice and 'kindful,'" said Braydon Michael Jones, 5.

SAN ANTONIO — National Teacher Day was on May 7, which was right at open of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10). The young students of IDEA Ingram Hills celebrated by schooling KENS 5 on the wonderful lessons they’ve been learning from their favorite teachers. KENS 5 pop-quizzed a handful of preschool students between the ages of four and five asking them about their favorite teachers and what they’ve learned from them. Their responses were priceless.

KENS 5: What are you learning from your teachers?

Ryan, 4: “Counting! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…”

Without instruction, Ryan proceeded all the way to 34 where he decided it was the best number to stop on. He exhaled and requested the next question.

Dior, 5: “I like learning math. [My teacher] puts math in a sentence, and we have to try to figure it out on our own.”

Matthew, 4: "My favorite things to learn are numbers and colors...red, blue, pink, yellow..."

KENS 5: If you were the teacher and your teachers were your students, what would you teach them?

Braydon, 5: “I’d teach them karate so they can defend themselves like Spider-man.”

Laura, 4: “How to count.”

Ezra, 5: [To floss], you have to do four [movements] on this side and four on the other side.

Christian, Ezra, and Laura demonstrated their dance moves and four-year-old Matthew let KENS 5 in on a little classroom secret. “Ms. Winston does flips and dances,” he said. “She does backflips and front flips.”

For more information about IDEA Public Schools, click here. Be sure to reach out to your favorite teacher and express your appreciation! 


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