KATY, Texas- The dynamic duo, Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve are friends on and off the baseball field. And now, the Houston Astros players are brothers, at least in the Uriostegui home.

Ethan Altuve Uriostegui and Nathan Correa Uriostegui were born November 10, 2017. The identical twins came into this world just days after the Astros won the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

"I was pushing for a while," said father Cesar Uriostegui when asked about how the idea came to fruition. "It would be great if we could call them Correa and Altuve."

While in the hospital, moments before mother Nelly Uriostegui gave birth, her husband, doctors and nurses convinced the 36-year old to name her newborn sons after Astros players #27 and #1.

"I mean, I’m telling you all the doctors were like, you should do it. You should do it. You should do it," said Nelly Uriostegui.

Carlos Correa wears jersey #1, but Nathan Correa was second to be born. Jose Altuve is shorter than the average baseball player, but Ethan Altuve is longer and weighs more than his brother.

When asked about why he was adamant about naming his sons after the baseball players, Uriostegui said, "and they still look like they’re best friends on the field. And I think with them two being boys, hopefully, whatever they decide to do, they’ll be the same way. They’ll be able to work with each other and do things together."