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'Go out of your comfort zone': Woman creates handmade, high quality home products in hopes of making people happy | Made in S.A.

Woman creates clean products to "bring joy to your world."

Inside Joli Creative Ctudio, you’ll find owner, Leia Justelien.

“I’ve always been crafty but I think the candles started about four years ago,” Joli Creative Studio, owner, Leia Justelien said. 

Beginning with her handmade soy wax candles.

“I got a kit from amazon and I started making candles and they came out awful, they were so bad, but it got a spark going," Justelien said.

It was her scents that set her products apart at market.

“I like to mix things. I have a long love affair with perfume. I like to mix smells and make something unique," Justelien said. 

Soon after adding soaps to her inventory.

“I tend to have sensitive skin," Justelien said. “So I started looking into how to make soap, and that’s really where there is so much creativity."

Justelien creating her own recipe for her cold press soap.

"It’s a cleansing bar but it’s still really nourishing to the skin," Justelien said. “I like to say it doesn’t leave you squeaky clean, which is great for your dishes, not so much for your skin.”

Today Joli Creative Studio expanding to lotions, lip balms and hand salves. 

“I love having my own business, I love being my own boss," Justelien said. “It’s my baby. That’s probably the best way I can explain it.

Justelien encouraging others to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

“Definitely go out of your comfort zone that is so important," Justelien said. “Failure is just a stepping stone because you learned something from it."

You can check out Joli Creative Studio on their website, or at Hub MRKT on  July 1, 2022 for their 'Frist Friday' event. 

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