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Not your traditional pastries: La Concha Latina offers new twist on old favorites | Made in S.A.

Woman's culinary journey leads her to create conchas that are more like works of art.

SAN ANTONIO — Most days you can find Dina Galindo and her husband, Gerardo, rolling delicate dough in their commercial kitchen.

Surprisingly baking is somewhat new for Dina.

 “In my degree I’m a dentist and … then I found the culinary school, so I said ok I like cooking, food, I like eating so I’m going to do it just for a hobby. I went to culinary school and I end up going to Spain," La Concha Latina, owner, Dina Galindo said. 

Culinary school would lead Dina to work alongside well known chefs in Spain.

“I have to be honest, I baked in the school but it wasn’t my strong thing. I think my strong thing is Mexican food," Galindo said. 

Arriving years later in San Antonio, she would continue to cook, but her journey then took a turn, with Dina walking away from the restaurant scene.

“It was a Monday I was crying the whole day like 'what am I going to do,'" Galindo said. "And the next day Tuesday just in my mind it came, the concha. And I always love it since I was like a kid, and I was like I’m going to make a concha."

With her husband’s support the two developed their recipe.

"I wanted to do this twist, not the regular concha that everybody is used to," Galindo said. 

The two throwing the book at tradition and thinking outside the box with flavors like oreo, churro and lemon poppy seed.

“I try to do that twist. Not the regular concha that you can get in the super market. You can get something really different, very unique.

Adding colors and designs to catch the eye as well.

"I want to give you something of quality and I want to give you something really pretty. Something that you can enjoy with your eyes and of course your mouth. The flavor is going to be amazing because the ingredients are going to be amazing,” Galindo said. 

Their name, La Concha Latina,  coming from the inspirational women who also encouraged Dina along her business journey.

“I am Latina and I am really proud of who I am," Galindo said. “I see a lot of women who has this incredible attitude and they’re like we are going to do this, and it’s so cool this movement of Latina women who work really hard. I feel part of that and I want to continue that.”

With only four months under their belt, La Concha Latina, has gotten Dina back on her forward path.

“I hope and I pray for this to grow and be so much better, but right now I’m super happy that people love it, because I made it with a lot of love," Galindo said. 

You can find La Concha Latina products at Mas Cafe coffee truck, or order directly by heading to La Concha Latina's Instagram page. 

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