SAN ANTONIO — You could say that instructor Candy Zavala enjoys teaching, and in her classroom, you don’t necessarily need an ear for music. The only thing required is a pair of drumsticks and a motivation to release your inner rock star.

“Hooting and hollering is accepted and encouraged,” Zavala said.

Every Wednesday, Zavala leads her class of superstars at Global Fitness on the city’s east side. It’s a new fitness craze called Pound.

“When I say pound, that means that’s what we’re going to be doing,” Zavala said.

Literally. The workout involves using two half-pound drumsticks. Instructors called “rebels” take the class through a series of moves to music, and every move involves using the drumsticks.

Retired teacher Josie Mendoza has been pounding it out for a few months. “It’s like, pretend you’re a drummer, and pretend you’re in this big rock band,” she said.

Mendoza said she was looking for something to keep her active in retirement, and was getting tired of the same routine exercise class. “I was looking for something different because you get tired, you reach a plateau, and you get tired of doing Zumba,” she said.

Mendoza said Pound is a full-body workout, one fit for all ages. “This was a challenge for me, and at my age I need a challenge,” she said.

The Pound class is offered throughout the U.S., and just like the sessions at Global Fitness, it’s a 30 to 45 minute calorie-burning jam session. Zavala said Pound is a mixture of music, movement, and making noise that is a combination of Pilates and Cardio.

“I'm a grandma. And if I can get this much energy with Pound, anybody can do it. The younger kids can come on down, I challenge them,” laughed Mendoza.

And all the rock stars in this Pound class said hitting those air drums is not only a way to work up a sweat, but also release stress.

“It just releases your frustration and you're beating the floor, and then, all of a sudden, everybody's doing it together and that even hypes you even more,” Mendoza said.

For more information on taking the Pound class at Global Fitness, click here.


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