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Man takes childhood love of action figures to create something new | Made in SA

San Antonio man take childhood love for action figures to create something unique as the Alamo City.

SAN ANTONIO — For most young boys action figures are their trophy toys.

"I was into action figures, when the ninja turtles came out I was all in," Evan Henson, owner Evan Flow Customs said.

Evan Henson was no different.

"I just started collecting and just kept collecting," Henson said. "I've still got in the garage a tub of action figures from when I was a kid."

It wasn't until the world shut down and some scrolling on his phone, that Henson got the idea to bring those figures out from storage.

"I started noticing other artists doing different things and I saw people taking figures apart and repainting them," Henson said. "It was just something to pass the time, something to keep my sanity."

Jumping into the world of taking figurines apart to put them together again with borrowed pieces, better known as kitbashing.  

"When I first took my first figure apart I was really nervous about that. Like what if I take it apart and I can't put it back together but another kit basher that I watch online [said] they're just toys they can be replaced. And so for the most part they can be replaced, so yeah I just dove in," Henson said. 

One of his first creations was an action figure that looked like him.

"Once I made my own figure that was it... Its' every guys dream to have their own action figure," Henson said. 

Projects getting more intricate requiring putty, paint and a 3-D printer.

Henson would turn to the web to learn what he needed.

"It's really been a way to decompress," Henson said. "It helps just get me into a new space of getting into my own world creating what I want to create and not really thinking about everything else going on."

Reaction to his custom work being the real payoff.

"It's satisfying for myself but it's never more satisfying than to see someone get it and for them to be in shock," Henson said. 

Highlights for Henson, making action figures for childhood heroes like Coach Pop, Tim Duncan and even sweeter.

"I made a Vanilla Ice figure and was able to get it to Vanilla Ice and that was like a childhood dream. That was crazy," Henson said. 

A hobby turned commissioned based small business, that's brought some nostalgia with it and so much satisfaction.

"I think everybody's got to find that thing. You've got to find that thing that just gives you joy," Henson said. "So if you've got something that you're interested in by all means try it and see what happens."

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