SAN ANTONIO — With every fabric cut and every piece sewn, Erica Garcia, adds a 'Pop of Whimsy'.

"I always try to look for the whimsical things in life, and the little things, and the details that make people happy, and that drive them into that zone of feeling good and living good and that's exactly where the name came from," Pops of Whimsy, owner, Erica Garcia said.

Her business of handmade dolls and blankets firsts inspired five years ago with the birth of her first niece.

"All throughout high school I made dresses for myself. I was one of those girls who was really into project runway,Garcia said. "So as soon as my first niece came along I became engulfed in everything baby, everything wonderful, and I have five by this point so everything I make is with them in mind."

However, Garcia didn't think of creating her business until her second year of college. 

"I just kind of fell in love with it. The whole process the kind of love you see in children's faces when you make something beautiful  just for them and they know it's for them," Garcia said.

Expanding her business to create costumes from storybooks and even matching dolls and dresses. 

"I personally love making the dresses match the dolls because it makes the doll that much more special for the girl," Garcia said. "It makes me really happy to see that and to go to market and see a girl pick out her outfit with the dress and know she is going to love it for a lifetime."

And although she's got a degree this self made business is what Garcia calls her dream job.

Hoping her story will also inspire others to dream a bit. 

"It's like anything else in life go at it full force, love it full force and give yourself a shot... and remember that it is a marathon not a sprint," Garcia said. 

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