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Woman leans on passions to create a business from scratch | Made in SA

A plant lovers desire for a more unique home for her potted plants leads her down a path of creativity and business ownership.

SAN ANTONIO — Among her plants is one place Lindsey Parencia feels most at home.

"I've always been into plants," Modernly Planted owner,  Lindsey Parencia, said. "I loved taking care of them and watching them grow."

Where they grow is also bringing her joy.

"I started collecting handmade pots to go with my plants and realized how much I enjoyed pairing plants and pots," Parenica said.

So much so Parencia started a side gig sourcing pots, but there was still something missing.

"I realized I just wasn't finding what I was looking for...," Parenica said. "...and I just didn't feel a connection to these manufactured pots."

In 2020, she decided to make her own, Modernly Planted, concrete homeware.

"I watched a couple of videos and then..."I just started practicing and just really getting into it, and fell in love with the process." Parenica said.

She mixes concrete and pigments to create her boho style of planters.

"It makes me happy. I love it. I turn music on and just kind of get lost in making things." Parenica said. 

Three years later, Parencia even took the leap to step away from her career as a financial analyst to take on her growing  business full time.

"I just think, if you are very passionate about something you'll make it work.

Parencia continues to be amazed by her blossoming creativity.

"I never really thought of myself as a creative person and I think that put me in a box in itself … and then I've realized being creative means so many different things...That's really helped me grow in my business... Everybody has a different path," Parencia said.

Modernly Planted is also now jumping into the wholesale market, meaning people all over the country will soon be able to buy Parencia's handmade concrete homeware in stores. 

If you're interested in Modernly Planted's products you can check out her website or head to Tillage Plants, Bell & Union Co. and Alicia Collective in San Antonio.

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