SAN ANTONIO — Larry Williams and his dog Pearl spend their days in and out of vintage travel trailers

That's because when these airstreams arrive at his San Antonio shop they usually look torn up. 

“I’ve seen these trailers in all different states of disrepair and there are very few of them that can’t be brought back," Go Vintage Airstream, owner, Larry Williams said. 

Bringing them back is the mission of Go Vintage Trailers. 

“It’s a passion to me because I love building things," Williams said. "I love taking things that a lot of times may end up in a dump, and making them new and relevant, and able to do what they were doing and last for generations.”

An architectural engineer by trade, Williams started doing restorations as a hobby.

“It’s a nice melding with the old with the new,” Williams said. 

And he’s found that most of his customers are not original owners but a younger generation.

“I think there’s a new found appreciation with younger people that these things are cool,” Williams said. 

Williams doesn’t just restore them for travel 

He’s converted old trailers into salons, bars and even an art gallery.

“I put my heart and soul into all these renovations and restorations," Williams said. “Because I know that as solid as I can build them that they’ll last another 50 years."

Giving these vintage trailers a new chance at a new adventure.

“When they are finally ready to go it’s sad to see them go, but it’s also very rewarding to see somebody is going to use this trailer and take it places and put it back on the road where it was designed to be, and where they were meant to be," Williams said. 

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