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Lil Wonders Studio making the unique and nostalgic wearable | Made in SA

San Antonio woman sharing her love for clay art with her handmade jewelry.

SAN ANTONIO — From tiny versions of your favorite foods, to the quirky and even nostalgic pieces. 

You can find all kinds of wearable art at Lil Wonders Studio. 

"I think it's just little happiness. Whether it reminds them of their childhood or everyday things they just love," Lil Wonders Studio owner Madison Ossont said. 

"Anything that brings me joy or other people joy, I'm inspired to make it," Ossont said. 

Her love for clay starting in her teenage years while at a farmers market. 

"That's where it sparked it. I've always been into art it was just the fact that I was able to sculpt it," Ossont said. "As soon as we got back to San Antonio my mom got me a kit and it went from there."

She said that she finds zen with the clay. 

"For me just being able to make the details in it it's been calming. I've worked with other mediums, but clay is the one thing that lets me make it 3-demensional," Ossont said. "So that's what I like the most about working with the clay."

Her latest design is bowtie pasta, for those in a love affair with her food pieces.

Ossont is also making memorial pieces for those pet lovers.  

"I've done any sort of animals. I've done goats, dogs, cats lizards," Ossont said. 

She is molding her own career and bringing her customers joy along the way. 

"I just love the community, it is such an open community. It feels so welcoming,"Ossont said. "So for me it's really rewarding. I just like making things that people love."

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