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This Texas parlor's made-to-fade ink is changing the permanent tattoo scene

Can't commit to a permanent tattoo? This shop might be your best alternative.

Audrey Castoreno, Michael Vigil (KENS5)

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Published: 9:52 PM CDT May 4, 2023
Updated: 10:48 PM CDT May 4, 2023

Tattoos have been decorating organic canvases for thousands of years. 

From line work to portraits, black and white or color, the designs are limitless. So is a traditional tattoo's life expectancy.  

But that literal mainstay feature of the practice doesn't always work for everyone.

“My parents are from Iran and I’m a first-generation born in the U.S.," said Josh Sakhai, cofounder of Ephemeral, a tattoo parlor with several locations around the country. "Underneath that is really this story of me and my cofounders from different corners of the world with different cultures, backgrounds and traditions, all of which didn’t really allow us to express ourselves with permanent tattooing."

Credit: Josh Sakhai
Josh Sakhai, right, poses with the other cofounders of Ephemeral.

That cultural skepticism sparked the idea of Ephemeral for the group of entrepreneurs. Now, it's innovated the tattoo industry. 

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