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DoSeum's new exhibition allowing children to explore issues of race and equality | Together We Rise

The DoSeum is helping families discuss tough topics with the creation of their new exhibition, Uniquely Us.

SAN ANTONIO — Curiosity always has kids asking questions. However, in the summer of 2020 those questions got tougher, with the country in turmoil over race, equality and police brutality 

"My youngest daughter, she did ask me what racism is... they watch TV they watch the news. They hear people talk about it," parent, Liz Murcia said. “She was what, five years old at the time, so not quite something I expected to come out of her mouth.”

Liz Murcia, like many parents looked for an age-appropriate resources to help her kids understand the tension taking place across the country. 

The DoSeum springing into action by creating, Uniquely Us, an exhibition opening just this year which centers around understanding race and building unity. 

"I think we were thinking we to need to make it a teachable moment,” The DoSeum, VP of Exhibits, Meredith Doby said. "What we did is we worked with a lot of local community leaders to develop this exhibition and really bring the DoSeum style to it, so it's hands-on, its joyful learning, but really approaching these really important concepts."

The kid-friendly activities explore a number of concepts like the doll test, or examining the color of your skin. 

Children receptive to the exposure of these tough topics. 

“It opened my eyes to accepting people. Whether they’re culture is different from our or their skin color is different," 4th grader, Aiden Murcia said. 

“My favorite part is the building," 3rd grader, Celestina Harris said. "It doesn’t matter what you look like. If you work together you can make something awesome."

For Celestina Harris' mom, Cristina, these conversations are important, and some that often have not happened to this scale. 

“I was very excited, raising biracial children and having them come to a space where they feel included and they feel normal," parent, Cristina Harris said. "They can find a book with a character that looks like them, they can find a crayon that reflects their skin tone...so it’s important.”

“It’s really adjustable to whatever age your children are, so some of the families with older children they can go a little deeper into certain subjects, Doby said. "The younger children can play with play-doh and have a conversation, so I think it’s really adjustable.”

The DoSeum, one of the first children's museums in the country to spark this type of conversation among families. 

“These are the pivotal years so I think its really important to start having these conversations young and early and not making it a taboo thing," Doby said. “Whether it is a flare-up around racial justice or just a simple question your child is asking. This exhibition can kind of help you start that conversation and we hope that conversation can continue at home and take whatever direction it needs to take."

Parents also proud of the important work being done at the museum. 

“For San Antonio to do something like this, basically lead the way, I sure hope the other museums are able to pick up on it and just really show kids what its all about right now," Liz Murcia said. 

If you’re interested in taking your kids to experience, Uniquely Us, Understanding Race and Building Unity, the exhibition will run through April 3, 2022.  

Admission comes with your ticket purchase to the DoSeum.

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