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Clothes that look good and do good | Made in S.A.

Life changing moments which inspired a local designer each time she sits down at her sewing machine.

SAN ANTONIO — Ashley Purugganan wasn't always this skilled at her sewing machine. 

"Just learning as I go watching a lot of different videos, making a lot of mistakes, and then just making things better as they progressed," Ashley Rose Clothing, owner, Ashley Purugganan said.

Her clothing line, Ashley Rose Clothing, is full of bold colors, floral and foliage prints which is inspired by the last place she called home and the place she met her San Antonio born husband.  

"Everything was so beautiful in Hawaii and I was inspired then to put that into my work," Purugganan said. 

While she started her brand five years ago in Hawaii, you would have to rewind even further to learn more about what really inspired her.

"I am the free spirit, I had just finished the Peace Corp...in Columbia in South America," Purugganan said. 

It was her two and a half years teaching English to children that sparked something in Purugganan.

"I really learned about myself and what I really cared about and my clothing is a reflection of that," Purugganan said. 

From her fabrics to her packaging, she puts a focus on sustainable and eco friendly products. 

"Then making sure everything is made in small batches so there is very little waste," Purugganan said. "I have always been passionate about hiring local seamstresses or local people within my community who can help build the brand as well."

Giving this self proclaimed "wild child" the rush she still longs for. 

"I get to have a lot of freedom in my brand, a lot of creativity and I just love learning all of the different things," Purugganan said. "I'm still learning every single day and I think that's what ultimately excites me and makes me want to go deeper into my company."

Her garments reaching all fifty states and even across oceans, proving her mission is a worthy one.  

"It's wonderful to know that people really care about the brand and they also share the same values," Purugganan said. "Because ultimately when someone purchases clothing it says a little bit about themselves as well, and I'm glad that we can share that."

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