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Buff City Soap makes a clean connection with the community | Made in SA

Local artisans make treasures to "buff and soften" your skin.

SAN ANTONIO — The pandemic got us to focus more on hygiene and lathering up more often. Many of us were also looking closer at those soap labels, which many times, stopped us in our tracks. 

“COVID was a hard time for everybody, and we spent more time at home and a lot of times when you got through with your books you started reading your shampoo bottles... and you start realizing what exactly in those things,” Buff City Soap, Store Manager, Michael Rodriguez said. 

Simplicity drives the products at Buff City Soap.

“Plant based all the way across the board, so there are no perfumes, no alcohols in any of our products,” Rodriguez said.

It’s creator knew nothing about the industry, but something about the ingredients in everyday cleaning products. 

“It started in Tennessee, it was a gentleman, a firefighter, who for a period of time just started seeing the ingredient profiles in all his soaps and cleaning products," Rodriguez said. "[He] attempted to make something a little easier, so he started doing it out of his garage."

Simplicity allows Buff City Soap to make just about every product in house. 

“It’s fun, it’s absolutely fun," Rodriguez said. "It’s making soap and customer service."

Those employees mold together their local line which highlights the uniqueness of every community they enter. 

“Whether you are in Tennessee, New York, Florida or any buff city you go into its’ also kind of a treasure hunt because each store has their own local line," Rodriguez said. “[It] connects with every area every culture of every little part of the town."

So lather up  knowing you’ve got the cleanest ingredients at your fingertips that were 'Made in S.A.'

Buff City Soap does team up with local organizations to give back.

Currently $1.00 of every bar of their ‘honey I’m vibrant’ sold will be given back to the San Antonio Aids Foundation. Click here to visit their website.