The bad guys are only getting sneakier and wiser when it comes to smuggling drugs across the border. In order to outsmart them, law enforcement is not only beefing up their man power, but using new technology.

Several law enforcement agencies took over the Bandera Gun Club property for the Border Security Expo Demo Day. They got to test-drive new products out in the market.

Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Jason Owens said that border patrol agents are pushing back at the criminals, but that comes with a price.

"The men and women out there are by themselves in a very remote area," he said. "And most every time they encounter anybody, they are outnumbered, which makes the job dangerous to begin with. You add into it a very determined adversary, yes it gets more dangerous."

Owens noted that this event is beneficial because this allows them to talk with the companies of the new technology about the issues they face along the border. He said the criminals are also getting smarter with technology.

"They use drones," he said. "They tunnel. They use aircrafts. They use whatever they can do what lessens the likelihood of them being caught."

The Bandera Gun Club property was also surrounded by thousands of dollars-worth of advanced equipment like a tower remote sensor.

Agent Owens said that the two most important things needed to protect the border are surveillance and technology to keep the men and women safe. He said Demo Day is something they can't miss.

"They are the ones that are going to come up with the next piece of equipment, the next tool that is going to help us in the future," Owens said.