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BK Designs creating personalized gifts that will sparkle as bright as you | Made in SA

Leaving a trail of glitter wherever she goes, a San Antonio woman creates glitter filled resin art.

SAN ANTONIO — When the gloves and mask go on, you know things are about to sparkle at,  BK Designs.

 “I think it’s so fun, so expressive it’s definitely a statement piece that people can carry around," BK Designs, owner, Browyn King said. 

Owner, Browyn King, spends her days creating her epoxy resin art.

“It is definitely a stress reliever for me. I get to just get in my own world," King said. "It’s nice to be able to sit in my own space and do my own thing and this has really allowed me to find myself again."

She found herself and her craft four years ago after the birth of her third child.

“As I was doing it I was thinking if I am going to make this a business now is the time," King said.

Starting with her tumblers and branching out to staplers. wine corks, and her new fan favorite- pens.

“I feel like you can be very creative and very personalized," King said. “My favorite is when they give me a few things that they like… and then being able to put all those things together."

Business exploded for this mom, nurse and small business owner. But, like for many, the pandemic was a turning point.

“I had asked God for guidance for probably about two years, but with covid I got lots of definite answers," King said. “The business was doing so well... that I decided that I was going to take BK Designs full time so I quit my school nurse job."

Leaning on her faith and family, King continued to find joy in owning a business, and has even picked up a new hobby you could say.

“It’s a labor of love for sure," King said. “On an average day I try to only spend five to six hours in here because I am in grad school.”

Yes, add grad student to the list for this "boss babe" who is now studying to become a nurse practitioner.

Purple, green or any color in between. King can make it sparkle just like you.

“I like what I do so much that I always want to be in here creating and making something because I love it so much.

If you are interested in Bk Designs' products be sure to visit her Instagram or website.

Or check out her products in person at Handmade on Main in Boerne.

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