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Send me a letter! Meet two more awesome folks from Menorah Park who need pen pals

Charlotte Burgin and Sam Wolfe have a lot to offer to offer their pen pals. Interested? Read on!

BEACHWOOD, Ohio — A few months ago, we made friends with the wonderful residents at Montefiore of Menorah Park. They were looking for pen pals. And, boy, did you come through!

The folks working there said more than 100 letters came to their deserving residents.

So, we went back. This time, we met two more special souls: Charlotte Burgin, 93, and Sam Wolfe, 96.

Charlotte is a loving person with a passion for helping others.

“I worked for 25 years with children who had learning differences. And then, after that, I worked in a community college with adults who wanted to be educated, but had learning differences and needed assistance. It was very gratifying work," Charlotte told us.

Charlotte has a lot to offer someone on paper. And, we're talking, literally. She's an author!

“I have written a children's book. I enjoy homophones. They are words that sound the same, but have different meanings," Charlotte said.

Then, she recited a line from her book: “A is for ants, wee tiny bugs. It's also for aunts who liked to give hugs.”

Charlotte Burgin, 93

To write Charlotte, see below:

Wiggins Place

27070 Cedar Road
Beachwood, Ohio 44122 

Credit: Credit: Lindsay Buckingham

Ready for science class? This 96-year-old whiz can help you! His name is Sam Wolfe. 

And, he's teaching for a long time ... 30 years to be exact.

“I taught mostly chemistry as second year chemistry," Sam said.

He also spent many years volunteering at schools.

“I started doing little sciency demonstrations for the elementary kids, and I just loved that," Sam told us.

But, we wanted to see the Sam's expertise ourselves so he did a little demonstration for us using a homemade invention.

“So I have devised this magic thing here. I got interested in fibers. The fiber is almost invisible and this will go spinning for a long time and it's slowing down, it's slowing down and I'll let it speak for itself!" Same showed us.

We asked him how he made it. And, well ..

"With curiosity and from fiber I got from some little electric cable," Sam said.

Calling all scientists: Sam, may be the perfect pen pal!

Sam Wolfe, 96

To write Sam, see below:

Menorah Park

27100 Cedar Rd.

Beachwood, Ohio 44122

Credit: Credit: Lindsay Buckingham

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