Didn’t get an invite to the royal wedding? Well your second best chance to catch a glimpse of the big day is on the water.

British Concierge Company “Quintessentially” is offering one lucky person, and their 50 closest friends, the opportunity to celebrate the royal nuptials on a river. A 100-year-old, coal-fired steamboat will set sail on May 19th and will include a personal guide, live music, and unlimited champagne to toast the royal couple.

The journey will begin on the River Thames and take passengers along iconic sights such as Windsor Castle and St Georges Chapel. It’s no guest invitation, but it’s as close are you’re going to get without having to deal with the crowds of fans camped out across England.

Sound to good to be true? Well booking this trip will take a royal price tag. The booze cruise costs a cool $59,000. If this price doesn’t float your boat there’s always champagne toasts in the comfort of your own home.