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GREAT DAY SA: PVA talks about P.A.D Awareness Month

Sponsored by: Peripheral Vascular Association

September 1st  kicks off the first day of Peripheral Vascular Awareness month. PVA is reminding San Antonio residents how important it is to monitor artery health while also taking preventative steps, right now, to maintain healthy vein circulation. 

Have you experienced pain in your legs? It might be easy to write off the discomfort as a sign of aging, but experts like Dr. Michael Peck say leg pain is just one of the symptoms that can be attributed to blockage in your circulation.

 If you smoke, have diabetes, have high blood pressure, or have a history of P.A.D. in your family, it could be worth a trip to the doctor if you've begun experiencing pain that has continuously been misdiagnosed. 

PVA uses the latest and least invasive technology to aid in diagnosis and treatment at their San Antonio facility. They're also offering telemedicine services for those who may be uncomfortable with in-office visits. 

To see video resources and learn more about how you can schedule an appointment with PVA, visit PVASATX.com or call 210-237-4444.

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