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Enjoy your vacation avoid travel mistakes

Tips to ensure you have a good travelling experience

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It seems like after two long years stuck at home…everyone you know is planning on vacation.  But what will look different – and how can you avoid making travel mistakes when you get back on the road.  Roni Fishkin from Mann Travels has some tips to avoid those travel mishap.

What are some of the common mistakes you see people making and how can we avoid them?

Fishkin says “I Love this question because there are some very basic, easy things we can do to avoid problems when you are traveling.” For example, airlines are changing schedules and cancelling flights and changing times.  This will wreak havoc on your plans if you don’t check and triple check your schedule. Also it may be unpopular, but get to the airport early. TSA lines are going to be long – especially during the summer and you don’t want to be in a panicky sweat to start your vacation.

Is there any end in sight to all those airline changes?

Airline industry leaders are working hard to get the equipment back in business and hire enough people to avoid these continual changes. Things should get back to normal by the summer and it’s always a good idea to check on your flight times the day before your departure.

What other airline mishaps can travelers avoid with better planning?

Food and beverage service on airlines has not come back to the levels they were before the pandemic. So, if you are taking a long flight – or even more importantly, have children with you pack refreshments. There could be delays and you will be cranky and hungry and that’s a bad combination for you and your kids.

Should you buy insurance? 

It’s sometimes hard to want this – because it is an additional cost and no one wants to spend extra money. Mann Travels suggest never to travel without it. However, all insurance is not the same. Read the fine print or rely on your travel professional to sort out the details. Does it protect you before you leave if you get into an accident on the way to airport and miss your flight? Does it get you out of a foreign country if you get sick? Does it cover you if a family member is ill that wasn’t traveling with you but means you can’t go?  All these questions need to be addressed when buying insurance. And if you do buy insurance it’s imperative that you only book through reputable travel professionals.  The professional will vet properties and tour companies – and can advocate for you if something doesn’t live up to promises. There are lots of pretenders out there and you want to be sure before spending your dollars.

What about packing and planning? 

Don’t over pack and don’t over plan. No one cares if you are in the same pair of pants on multiple days and you won’t enjoy yourself if you are exhausted running from one thing to another.  If we have learned anything from these last few years it should be that we deserve time to enjoy ourselves when we can and we should get to savor every moment. Don’t over plan or pack be in the moment and enjoy it.  For more visit Manntravels.com

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