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A San Antonio movie theater chain is offering signing bonus for some new hires

San Antonio's Santikos Theaters is looking to grow their staff, and they're willing to pay out big bucks to make sure the best people apply.

SAN ANTONIO — Santikos Theaters is offering up $1,000 bonuses to get people to join their kitchen staff.

“San Antonio loves the Cinema experience,” said Andrew Brooks, Santikos Entertainment Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, “They’re buying the food and beverage, they’re coming out to have a good time.”

Brooks said that since new movies started gracing their screens again, Santikos Theaters have had some of the best sales in the country.

“The movies are coming, our guests are coming back, and so we’re ready to build an amazing team.”

To keep up with those sales, he says they need to build up their staff, particularly in the kitchen.

Santikos is offering a bonus of up to $1,000 for people who join their kitchen staff as line cooks, or Caterers, as they call them. The bonus comes after the employees' first 90 days. Starting wages for those positions have also been increased from $10/hour to $12/hour.

Brooks says Santikos wants to encourage the best people to come and apply, emphasizing their safety record and weekly COVID testing.

“Anybody that’s fearful about coming back, we’re going to provide a safe work environment,” he said. “You’ve just got to be willing to come join a great team.”

Brooks said there is a particular need to grow their staff as they prepare to reopen their Silverado theater, and possibly even more.

“Our family of Santikos theaters may be growing beyond nine,” said Brooks, unable to go into too much detail.

“Just a little teaser. People are going to have to stay tuned,” he said. “But we’re going to have some exciting news on how we’re going to serve San Antonio even more very soon.”

Brooks said Santikos is offering bonuses in order to get the best staff in order to offer a better experience as they continue to reopen and expand.

“Our thought is, we’re going to out-recruit everybody else to get the best people,” he said.

The $1,000 signing bonus is specific to the Caterer position; those interested in other positions can apply here.

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