SAN ANTONIO — A San Antonio mom looking to spend more time at home with her son started her own business making unique cookie designs and selling them at a Farmer's Market and to friends and family.

Danielle Webber is the "Cookie MOMster" and she bakes her cookies in her own kitchen at her home on the far west side.

Her designs range from Fiesta classics like maracas and chicken on a stick to trendy favorites like unicorns and guacamole.

She says she got the idea to start her own business because she wanted to stay home with her baby boy, but also explore her creativity and make a little dough.

"I was just looking for something to do. When you are a stay at home mom, you want a creative outlet, something for you, for yourself," Webber said.

You can find her on her Cookie MOMster Facebook page or at the Huebner Oaks Farmers Market on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.