SAN ANTONIO -- The popular Pokemon Go game is leading to trespassing and other safety concerns.

The new app-based game requires players to walk the streets to collect Pokemon. There are certain areas designated as "Pokestops" and "Gyms" where gamers can earn more points.

"It's sort of been a dream come true. From my childhood experience playing Pokemon, watching Pokemon," gamer Naseef Serha said.

Mark Armand Valdez, who has played the game, is attempting to earn money off of it. He's advertised a Pokemon Go chauffer service on Craigslist. For $30 per hour, Armand Valdez will drive players around San Antonio.

"People play while they're in their cars while they're driving. I've read a couple of articles where that's caused some accidents, unfortunately. So I thought hey! Why not offer a chauffeur service to those playing the game," Valdez said.

While the game is fun for players, several churches are complaining about trespassers on their property. Even the San Antonio Fire Department has had complaints about players entering stations. Department spokesman Woody Woodward said that five stations have reported seeing several groups of gamers on the properties this week.

"And getting into areas that are potentially dangerous. We have dangerous tools, dangerous equipment, potential bio-hazards," Woodward said. "Plus, when we get called on a run, these giant gates are going to open and our vehicles are going to move out very quickly. We don't want to see any accidents."

Besides trespassing incidents, there have been other more serious cases in other states where gamers have been robbed or assaulted while playing the game.