SAN ANTONIO — Remember those childhood days when we dreamed of bringing our favorite video games to life? The wait was long, but the reality is here. Mario Kart will be racing to Houston, Texas next summer with a tournament called Mushroom Rally.

All of our favorite "karting" characters will be on the track, including Yoshi, Princess Peach, Toad and all the Mario Brothers family! Houston will be one of sixteen cities to host the rally, and the top twenty finalists will battle it out in Las Vegas, Nevada for championship race. Visit to sign up for the races or to gather more information.

When you say the words, "Mario Kart" in San Antonio, you'll likely summon the old-school gamers from Viva Tacoland, where every week kicks off with "Mario Kart Monday" at 7:00 p.m. We started up our own KENS 5 competition over a plate of nachos while discussing our favorite characters and the probability of dropping our names in the hat for the Mushroom Rally. There was a resounding response of excitement about the Houston races. San Antonio millennials are looking forward to the hopeful future of reliving more of the their childhood pastimes.