SAN ANTONIO — A new herd of kids are gearing up for their first rodeo. 

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) has partnered with Hidden Springs Youth Ranch to provide a free community rodeo camp March 11 through March 14. 

It’s the second annual of its kind in San Antonio, and there are no high horses on these grounds. World-famous professionals put new kids in the saddle and teach them the arts of saddle bronc riding, bullfighting, tie-down roping, and more. 

The camp even sends kids home with motivational character principles they learn through taking care of the horses and keeping up with ranch chores. Many of them feel spurred to pursue a future in rodeo.

“If we develop them as youth, then one of the events we produce for our committee is college rodeo,” said Amy Wise, committee chair for ranch rodeo. “We can get them through to college, and then that helps us develop our PRCA as well.”

At the last camp, World champion saddle bronc rider Jacobs Crawley revealed a few secrets to his success and showed kids that even with his great success, he’s not too different from them. 

The kids swarmed him fascinated with his roping gear. When one of them asked, “Where’d you get that rope?” Crawley quickly replied, “I found this on the ground over there under a tree. I’ll put it back under that same tree if you want it here in a second.” 

Hidden Springs coordinator Angie Roper expressed how excited her team is about allowing the PRCA to host this camp on their grounds. 

"We may be raising up the next generation of professional cowboys and cowgirls," she said. "They may actually end up competing in the San Antonio Rodeo some day."

Hidden Springs Youth Ranch is located right in the heart of the northeast side community in close proximity to schools such as Judson High School, Metzger Middle School, and Wagner High School. 

The ranch regularly welcomes youth groups from schools, ministries, and mentoring programs to learn about ranch life and rodeo culture. For more information about the PRCA Junior Rodeo Camp or to register your little ones, click here.