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Immersive Van Gogh exhibit opens in San Antonio

Guests will be able to literally step into the work of artist Vincent Van Gogh in the new exhibit that recently opened in San Antonio.

SAN ANTONIO — A unique new exhibit is coming to San Antonio that follows the recent trend of immersive experiences offered to guests.

Guests are literally able to step into the work of artist Vincent Van Gogh in the "Immersive Van Gogh" exhibit now open in the Alamo City.

The 360-degree digital art experience takes visitors on a journey through the artist's masterpiece paintings. His works of art will be projected over 500,000 cubic feet and will include more than 60,000 frames of video and more than 90,000,000 pixels, according to the exhibit's website.

Take a look at a slideshow of pictures below (article continues underneath).

“It’s a reflective work, showing the artist as who he was," says Svetlana Dvoretsky, cofounder of the company which is organizing Immersive Van Gogh. 

She said that, since she started her work on the traveling exhibit, she's felt a deep connection to the artist.

“My life and the life of my colleagues and fellow producers, this is what it’s been the past two years, 24/7,” she said. “I feel that I have met him. I feel like we are relatives.”

She first experienced a version of the exhibit on a trip to Paris.

“I knew the moment I saw it – and I loved it, I loved the concept – I knew that I would be involved.”

Tickets went on sale this week for the exhibit's run in San Antonio, starting in November. The show is opening in several cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, but Dvoretzky says every city has its own unique experience designed specifically for the space.

“We have old banks, we have warehouses, we have industrial, we have very historic landmarks,” she said. “So they're all very different.”

“There is a huge demand for tickets. Especially when we have a limited capacity, with COVID and the pandemic and everything, it’s very, very, limited,” she said. “So we’ve always been pushed to actually be open for very, very long hours to accommodate everybody that wants to see it.”

She believes Immersive Van Gogh will have a profound impact on people who have just gone through a long year of isolation.

“Van Gogh, who spent so much time in isolation and went through the depression and loneliness, so and so forth, as everyone can relate,” Dvoretsky said. “Every human being on this planet can relate to what the world went through in the last year and a half.”

Click here for tickets. 

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